DJ Pierra Makena Debunks Rumors Of Romance With Makeup Artist Creative Phil

Popular DJ Pierra Makena has put a stop to speculation surrounding her relationship with makeup artist Creative Phil. After photos of them together sparked dating rumors, Makena took to her Instagram to clarify the situation.

In a playful yet firm tone, the 42-year-old addressed her followers directly: “Okay okay okay… I need y’all to calm down. Stop cooking your own stories! You might put me in trouble with the verified. Then again, you’re also giving me ideas… maybe I should date one of these youngsters.”

While playfully teasing the possibility of dating “youngsters,” Makena’s main message was directed at silencing the gossip. She expressed frustration with the blogs spreading false information and encouraged fans to seek the truth rather than relying on conjecture.

“But anyway, Daniel and your friends, take a deep breath next time. Ask me, and I’ll tell you who he is and his details. No need to lie to Kenyans. Wah! Honestly, if Phil can make us trend, then if you know the real deal, the country will stop,” Makena wrote.

The two previously sparked dating rumours fueled by cosy photos of them together. Do you think they may be lovers in denial?

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