DJ Pierra Makena talks about how her ideal man is prepared for a second child

Renowned female DJ Pierra Makena recently shared insights into her quest for love and her readiness to expand her family during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

Expressing her desire to welcome a second child and settle down, Pierra conveyed her eagerness to find the right partner to embark on this new journey with.

“I feel like now, I am ready for a second baby. I am just waiting for the right man,” she disclosed.

While expressing her aspirations, Pierra emphasized that she refuses to succumb to pressure when it comes to dating.

“No pressure on that. My ideal man has to be God-fearing, somewhat good-looking, and very hardworking. I don’t want to struggle, and I don’t want whatever I have built to be misused. It doesn’t have to be a wealthy person, but someone who is hardworking and will complement me,” she elaborated.

Pierra further disclosed that she often receives romantic advances from celebrities and politicians via her social media direct messages (DMs).

However, she clarified that none of these interactions have developed into meaningful connections.

“I get many love advances in my DMs, but I haven’t spiritually connected with any of them. I find celebrities and politicians hitting on me all the time. I might fall in love with one of them, but they need to be the right one,” she clarified.

DJ Pierra made these revelations during an interview at the launch of NipNap Premium Baby Diapers, where Nameless and Wahu were introduced as the brand ambassadors.

In a recent candid interview on YouTube, DJ Pierra Makena further discussed her views on love and marriage, emphasizing her reluctance to settle down for societal expectations.

“Who says there’s an age one should be married? I’ve had people saying I make certain statements because I’m not married. I don’t want to marry the wrong person just to please society. I haven’t met that one person who I can say, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with them,’” Pierra shared.

When questioned about her approach to expressing interest in a potential partner, Pierra revealed her reluctance to make the first move due to fear of rejection.

“I would never hit on a man. What if he says no? I can show interest, but I can’t be direct about it. I’ve been rejected a couple of times before,” she admitted.

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