DJ Shiti Condemns Mtumishi’s Public Criticism of Mother

DJ Shiti, a popular Kenyan entertainer, has publicly condemned comedian Mtumishi for airing his grievances against his mother in a public forum.

During an interview on the Chipukeezy Show, Shiti expressed his disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions, calling them “foolish” and inappropriate.

“I don’t know why Mtumishi went to church and used a microphone to call out his mother. It’s not right to air dirty laundry in public, especially on television,” Shiti stated.

He emphasized that many people face difficult situations silently and that Mtumishi’s actions were disrespectful and unjustified. He further asserted that the issues Mtumishi raised were trivial compared to the hardships endured by others.

“The things he complained about are very stupid. If you go on TV and start shading your mother, people have been treated badly out here. The things he was talking about are not worth shading his parent,” Shiti said.

Mtumishi recently made shocking claims about his mother during a church service, alleging that she practiced witchcraft for years and used these practices to disrupt their family. He also revealed that she involved him in these activities against their father, causing him emotional distress.

Mtumishi stated that his mother breached his trust and that he feels unable to fully mourn her if she were to pass away. He also revealed that he hasn’t spoken to her for the past two years.

DJ Shiti’s comments highlight the importance of respecting family privacy and avoiding public criticism, especially when addressing sensitive topics. His disapproval of Mtumishi’s actions serves as a reminder to handle family issues with respect and discretion.

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