Dr. Wetangula Celebrates Son As He Earns Top Law Degree

Pride beams from House Speaker Moses Wetangula as he celebrates his son Eugene’s momentous achievement: a PhD in Juridical Science from Monash University, Australia. This prestigious degree, the highest in the field of law, marks a culmination of Eugene’s dedication and intellectual pursuit.

Wetangula, along with his family, traveled to Melbourne to witness this special moment. He took to social media to express his elation: “Today, I and my family had the honor to witness my son Dr. Eugene Wetangula get conferred with a PhD in Juridical Science… Congratulations, Dr. Eugene Wetang’ula!”

Photos shared by the proud father captured the joy and pride of the entire family as they posed with Eugene in his graduation gown. Wetangula also documented the ceremony, catching on camera the heartwarming moment Eugene received his PhD.

Beyond simply celebrating his son’s personal achievement, Wetangula used this occasion to advocate for higher education, particularly among Kenyan youth. “I encourage every Kenyan, especially the youth, to prioritize the pursuit of knowledge to the highest levels. An educated country is a rich country,” he emphasized.

Wetangula went on to highlight the broader benefits of education: “Education is the key to success and the path to many opportunities that life has to offer. Higher education opens our minds to broader horizons and makes us competitive globally.”

By sharing his son’s success story and coupling it with a powerful message about the importance of education, Wetangula has struck a chord with many. His pride in Eugene’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration to young Kenyans, encouraging them to strive for academic excellence and contribute to the nation’s future.

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