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Dzaddy Amore & Girlfriend Shishi Break-Up After Months Of Dating (Screenshots)

June 14, 2022 at 18:21
Dzaddy Amore & Girlfriend Shishi Break-Up After Months Of Dating (Screenshots)

Prophets of ‘mtaachana tu’ have won this time after Instagram influencer Daddy Amore and his gorgeous girlfriend, now ex, Shishi broke up. This is the 2nd known relationship for Amore that has ended in succession after he broke up with popular content creator Keranta several months ago.
Despite Amore going down on his knees a few months ago to propose to Shishi, their tumultuous relationship has been dissolved. Rumours made rounds on social media that Amore is a serial cheater and wasn’t loyal to Shishi. Shortly after the rumours, eyebrows were raised after Shishi changed her proclamation of being Amore’s wife from her Instagram profile to…
What was seen as a perennial love story has now ended in premium tears. And Amore is not one to cry it out. As a matter of fact, there’s now rumours that he has already moved on and found another chick. However, he has retained his photos & videos with Shishi

He is yet to introduce his new girlfriend to the public. But the memes he is posting says it all. He has already moved on. Check them out and discern what he means.


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