Edgar Obare Back With New Account, Complains Of Instagram Being Hostile & Limiting

Edgar Obare will not stop at any cost to serve his ‘students’ tea even after closure of his Instagram accounts. The blogger has yet again transitioned to another account after indefinite closure of his BNN account, which already had over 240K followers waiting to be served ‘hot tea’.

The numerous exposés on celebrities has seen him land in trouble on a couple of ocassions. His most famous one involving numerous celebrities dubbed ‘wash wash’ lead to closure of his first verified account; which had over 400K followers.

In addition, he has had to live his life surreptitiously because of the many exposés involving people’s private lives.

Violation Or Unfairness?

Edgar Obare has cried foul because of the latter reason. And he believes Instagram is becoming too limiting. Sharing his new Instagram account, he posted a video on his Instagram page and captioned;

”When I posted about Katerina on @bnnke and 5 minutes later “user not found”. Jokes aside tbh Instagram has been consistently hostile and limiting, but we will adapt and keep it moving. #hatupangwingwi”

And his loyal students haven’t been hesitant in showing him support. One of them reacted to the post and wrote;

”Where you go I go, where you move I move, where you stay I stay, I WILL FOLLOW YOU????”
It’s believed that Edgar is violating Instagram’s community guidelines and this is probably why they’re locking horns.

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