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Elani with lovely love song dubbed Joto

February 13, 2020 at 09:23
Elani with lovely song love song dubbed Joto

Elani are back with a new song dubbed Joto. This jam is the fourth song of their single album, Colours of Love. To start with, the trio has released this song just on time.

Joto is a song that mostly talks of love and as we are nearing the Valentines season, you’ll realise that it is a perfect time.

Joto is a love song that talks of when people come together

First, Joto talks about a time when people are willing to come together and commit to being with one another.

To add on it continues the red phase of the journey of Colours of Love with deep, committed love.

At this juncture, it is a good thing that we focus on the lyrics to get the flow of this jam. You realise that the trio has great voices that compliment each other.

Elani with lovely song love song dubbed Joto

How sweet are the lyrics?

In the first stanza, they talk of how one is glued to a specific person.

“Wengi wamezaliwa duniani Nataka tu mi niwe nawe Nataka tu mi niwe nawe,” reads the first stanza.

Further into the Joto, one is pleading to be with the person they love in this world. She says that she has made a decision to stick to that love.

“Malaika nataka niwe nawe Kwenye dunia Siku zimepita  Milele na milele nimeamua Tuwe tu milele Mi nawe ni mi nawe Ni mi nawe,” reads the song further.

In addition to the powerful lyrics, it is good to note that Elani in the song has a new style. Dramatisation has been used here giving it a very unique style.

Also, repetition has been applied as you realise that most lines are sung more than once. Finally, the chemistry that lies behind the three beautiful voices is just great.

In conclusion, Elani have done a great job and this is just perfect for lovers. It is clear that their song is good for weddings as well.

Last but not least, Elani gets a rating of 7/10.

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