Elizabeth Michael freed from jail after killing actor Steven Kanumba, put on probation

Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael famously known as Lulu, has been released from jail  after serving half of her two-year sentence given after she was convicted for the manslaughter of actor Steven Kanumba, in April 7 2012.

The actress, who celebrated her birthday just a few days ago, will be on probation of the rest of the sentence. The judge who was hearing the case said that the death occurred as an accident as Lulu was arguing with her boyfriend Kanumba.


It was an accident

Lulu told the court that Kanumba wanted to attack her with her panga but she pushed him away and he fell down. She ran from the house only to be told later that she he had died.

Lulu said: “Marehemu alianguka mwenyewe na kujigonga kwa nguvu na kuinuka sehemu nyingine alikuwa kama anatapatapa, nilimwambia Seth kuwa Kanumba amedondoka na akajaribu kumuamsha hakuamka akasema anaenda kumuita daktari.”

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