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Elodie Zone’s mum weighs in on daughters failed relationship scandal

June 11, 2021 at 11:53
Elodie Zone’s mum weighs in on daughters failed relationship scandal

It must have been a crazy week for Elodie Zone and singer Nviiri who have been making headlines thanks to their failed relationship.

However if not for Elodie, we wouldn’t have learnt about her abusive relationship with the Sol generation singer. This is after the lady accused Nviiri of physically, emotionally and verbally abusing; and after putting up with so much – Elodie finally broke down – hence spilling the details online.

Elodie Zone

With this revelation, there are those who chose to side with her (feminists) encouraging and sympathizing with her; while others bashed the couple for the drama – not knowing things would get out of hand.

PR stunts

Seeing that most blogs were now discussing this, Elodie once again made the situation worse by blaming her actions on alcohol; adding more blame to bloggers for blowing the situation out of proportion. I mean, how now? She wrote;

Nviiri and I came to Coast with our friends to unwind, relax and make peace with each other. When I made my post, it was fueled by tension and an afternoon of a few too many drinks. Neither of us thought it would be blown out of proportion the way it has been. Blogging sites and bloggers have also begun to spread information and this is affecting our careers and family lives

Mum intervenes

Of course this was now starting to overwhelm the 24 year old; and just when we thought she was now on her own – her youthful mum stepped in to comfort her baby girl.

Elodie with her mum

Well, just like any other mum… Mama Elodie went on to share a powerful message dedicated to daughter;  and from the post, it’s evident that this is a prayerful mum as she wrote;

This here is my offspring. And this here is us – Paris 2016. We’ve walked a long road. And we’re still here, through many ups and downs. Because “No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper”. Somebody say AMEN!

But now that it’s no secret that Elodie has her own mental health struggles; how about she finally gets the help she needs?


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