Elsa Majimbo Speaks Out: No Broke Boyfriends, Seeking Wealth and Love

Image: Elsa Majimbo wins highly competitive E! People’s Choice Awards

Social media influencer and comedian Elsa Majimbo has made her desires clear when it comes to future partners: wealth is a non-negotiable factor. In a recent TikTok video, she declared, “I will not marry a broke man. I love rich boys! If you are not going to be an asset to me, then I will stay single. I will not have anyone as a liability. I always knew I would marry rich.”

Majimbo, known for her humorous and candid takes on life, wants a partner who offers not just love and good looks, but financial stability as well. “Since I was a child, I knew very well that whether I’m gonna get rich or not, I would end up rich. I’m going to marry for love and looks, but I’m also going to marry for money,” she asserted.

In another TikTok video, Majimbo offered a glimpse into her past love life, sharing her story of a first love at the age of 16. Though the relationship was marked by strange occurrences surrounding her boyfriend’s family wealth and potential danger, Majimbo remained devoted. “I didn’t really know the source of the family’s income because he was very shifty about it. Weird things would happen, like his house got gunned down or his brother got kidnapped at some point, and even knowing this immediate danger that was around me, I didn’t care. I was so loyal to this man. I was a ride or die for him,” she revealed.

However, the dynamics of their relationship shifted unexpectedly when Majimbo met Mike’s best friend. Despite being known for public displays of affection, Mike turned cold towards her in his friend’s presence. “Mike was someone who loved PDA, he would hug me, touch me, kiss me, this man would turn the world upside down for me. On this day, you would have thought he was a stranger. I held his hand, he would hold it for like five seconds and then pull away. I went home and cried, then later I brought it up to him, and he said that my hair had caught him by surprise,” Majimbo recounted.

While the story of her first love ended with disappointment, Elsa Majimbo remains clear about her future expectations. She seeks a partner who can contribute to her financial aspirations and provide not just love, but a stable and comfortable life.

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