Embarambamba releases a tamed version of the contentious song

Kisii-based singer Embarambamba has teased his fans with news of an upcoming release of a sanitized version of his song “Tuko Uchi.”

“Coming soon,” he hinted to his online community.

Embarambamba had previously faced criticism from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) for allegedly singing indecent songs, particularly in the gospel genre. He was summoned over the perceived “vulgar” content of his music.

In a preview of what to expect, the singer showcased a snippet of his revised version, featuring him fully clothed, in contrast to the original release.

Despite the changes, he maintained his signature energetic performance style, including his trademark jumps from buildings and windows. In the initial video, Embarambamba was seen in a river without clothes, using a towel to cover himself.

On March 4th, he attended a meeting with KFCB, where he was questioned about the alleged use of vulgarity, nudity, indecency, and violent dance moves in his content.

Following this meeting, he was issued a demand notice by the Board, urging him to modify his content to comply with the Films and Stage Plays Act, Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya.

On March 15th, Embarambamba met with KFCB once more, where he expressed his willingness to adhere to the regulations governing content creation and exhibition. He also requested Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in accordance with Article 159 of the Kenyan Constitution.

During this meeting, Embarambamba was accompanied by prominent lawyer Danstan Omari.

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