EMB’s Weezdom drops new track “Roba Roba” after long musical dryspell

Kenyans or rather gospel music lovers were in for a rude shock when Weezdom’s song roba roba was released. The artist signed under Bahati’s EMB record label has had a backlash from fans who didn’t shy away from expressing their disappointment in the quality of song and everything that’s related to it.

Some fans blame it on the poor management of the record label as well as the labels lack of interest in doing quality work as every record label is required to.

Remember  Weezdom had also left the label before returning and starting afresh.
The song is a raw deal especially for those who love gospel music. It’s a total waste of song as it carries little to no meaning. No words of encouragement, no praise or worship aspect to it.

Honestly its easy to say it is not gospel and neither is it good enough to be graded as secular.

Lyrics and video

The song is so short. It ends before the listener gets the gist of it. Besides the beat he only sings for 2 minutes There is a lot of repetition in it. The beginning of the song has this Lucky Dube kind of ring to it but then it shifts to Nyashinski kind of rap followed by a mixture of styles. It is not the conventional singing, neither is it rap.

The video lacks order. It features a mix of old school and kind of modern. Since the song doesn’t have a clear outline, the video vixens struggle with the dance choreography.

Well it goes without saying that the song was rushed and is of poor quality. EMB record label can do much better. Weezdom also needs to rethink his musical career and wake up from his slumber because at this rate he will be pushed out of the industry without him knowing.

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