Eric Omondi Claims He Will Re-Unite Mungai Eve & Director Trevor

Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his intent to intervene in the recent professional split between YouTube personalities Director Trevor and Mungai Eve.

“I wouldn’t call myself dad but I intentionally worked with Eve to grow online media. I believe my opinion in this case matters,” Omondi stated.

Omondi claims to have played a role in developing their online presence, suggesting a personal connection to their situation. He believes his perspective can be valuable in facilitating reconciliation.

“I had spoken and met both Eve and Trevor before the messy split and the issue is their friends. Ni watu kuingililia maisha yao,” Omondi said.

Proposed Intervention

Omondi plans to invite the duo for a meeting upon Eve’s return from Zanzibar, with the aim of resolving their differences and potentially reviving their brand collaboration.

He emphasizes his intent to contribute positively to the situation, regardless of the outcome.

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