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Eric Omondi Responds To Critics Against His Cross-Dressing

August 04, 2022 at 11:59
Eric Omondi Responds To Critics Against His Cross-Dressing

Comedian Eric Omondi found himself subject to public scrutiny after his cross-dressing antics. Recently, he has gone a notch higher by including some impeccable make-up on his face. Ladies are even inquiring about his plug. The jester recently showed how good he is when it comes to ladies wear.

We’re well aware that in some countries, it’s not peculiar for men to dress like women. But the risk that comes with it may suggest a lot. One of the most popular being gay speculations.

Eric Omondi, however, said that his cross-dressing stunts have nothing to do with his sexual orientation. The comedian claims he is straight and explained that he usually plays a female character to appeal to ladies, who are the majority of his followers. He disclosed that he will be creating a lot of content with the diva character in the coming weeks.

Eric Omondi Responds

The comedian revealed in a recent interview with Milele FM Ankali Ray that he’s not going to stop cross-dressing.

He has maintained that it’s one of his comical skits that his fans should get used to- adding that it’s not the first time he’s doing it.

Eric is one of the few comedians that have employed cross-dressing as one of their skits.


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