Esther Passaris Gives Her Cryptic View On Recent Femicide Cases

Following public concern about the recent femicide cases in Nairobi, Woman Representative Esther Passaris offered a response that has received mixed reactions. In reply to a citizen’s query about her stance on the issue, Passaris provided a cryptic statement:

“Those with ears; hear. Those with eyes; see. Those with mouths; taste. Those who search; find. Those who snooze; lose. Those who ask dumb questions; get smart answers.”

While some interpret this as a call for individual awareness and engagement on the issue, others find it dismissive and lacking concrete action. The netizen who posed the initial question had directly asked Passaris’s position on the killings of young women in Nairobi County, where three recent cases have sparked outrage.

“What is your position or statement on the killings of young people in our county Nairobi? Aren’t you Woman rep for Nairobi County where nearly 5 women have so far died mysteriously?” the citizen inquired.

The urgency of the matter is undeniable. Within just three weeks, four women have been killed across the region, highlighting a disturbing trend of violence against women. Three of these tragedies occurred in Nairobi County itself, with intimate partners suspected in three cases.

Shifting Focus to Action and Empathy

While Passaris’s response has ignited debate, the focus should remain on demanding concrete action and solutions to address this ongoing crisis. Instead of cryptic pronouncements, the public deserves clear leadership and tangible efforts from their elected representatives.

A more constructive approach would involve:

  • Publicly condemning the violence: A strong and unequivocal statement from Passaris condemning the femicide cases and expressing solidarity with the victims and their families would signal a clear stance on the issue.
  • Demanding thorough investigations: Calling for swift and thorough investigations into these cases, ensuring justice for the victims and deterring future perpetrators, is crucial.
  • Supporting initiatives addressing the root causes: Advocating for and supporting initiatives that address the root causes of gender-based violence, such as gender inequality, economic vulnerability, and toxic masculinity, is essential for long-term prevention.

Passaris’s role as the Woman Representative of Nairobi carries significant responsibility in safeguarding the well-being of women in the community. Moving beyond enigmatic pronouncements and towards concrete action and empathy is the true measure of effective leadership in this critical moment.

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