Ezekiel Mutua reaches out to Colonel Mustafa, offers help

For once we are going to be reporting about Ezekiel Mutua and supporting everything is saying and attempting to do as he intimated that he is trying to get in contact with Colonel Mustafa in order to offer help.

Ezekiel Mutua addresses being the “most hated man in Kenya”

Taking to his Facebook account this is what he said:
Someone, please inbox me Mustafa’s number. I have mad love and respect for people who face life head on and do what a man has got to do to put food on the table. There’s absolutely no shame in taking up a mjengo project to feed yourself and loved ones.

My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

Unlike other celebrities, mustafa has refused to wallow in self-pity and is not ashamed of his hustle. And by the way, mjengo is not necessarily for failures. It is a job like any other. But it takes courage for a celebrity of the calibre of Mustafa to take to such menial activities with pride. I love the positive attitude. This is the kind to be supported.

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