Fans laugh at Jimal Roho Safi and playfully tell him to reunite with Amber Ray

Cheeky fans are demanding answers from Jimal Roho Safi about his ex-wife Amber Ray’s new single status.

“Round mwenda sijui nikapick nani?”

Jimal, who was once Amber Ray’s “chairman” (a term she used to refer to him as a man who takes care of her wants and needs), was recently spotted hanging out with friends in a helicopter. He asked his followers who else he should have invited for the ride, but fans were more interested in knowing about Amber Ray’s relationship status.

Some fans commented with questions like “What happened to Amber Ray?” and “Is Amber Ray single now?” Others joked that Jimal should invite Amber Ray on his next helicopter ride.

It’s unclear why fans are so invested in Amber Ray’s love life, but it’s likely because she is a popular figure in Kenya. She is a social media influencer, model, and businesswoman who has been in the public eye for several years. Her relationship with Jimal was also highly publicized, so it’s natural that people would be curious about her new relationship status.

Jimal has not responded to any of the questions about Amber Ray, but it’s clear that fans are eager to know more about her life.

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