Father’s devastating letter to 35-year-old C’Zars, Ruto

Teenagers often find themselves at a pivotal juncture where the decisions they make can profoundly shape their lives. Their choices may sometimes seem perplexing to adults, as they prioritize immediate gratification or emotional impulses over long-term consequences. This behavior is a common aspect of adolescent development, characterized by newfound independence and boundary-testing.

This phenomenon was evident in 2006 in Bamburi, Mombasa County, Kenya, when a rising musical talent, C’Zars, born Abdulkarim Mohammed, disappeared without a trace at the age of 17. In the years following his disappearance, various theories emerged regarding the circumstances that led to his vanishing.

His father, Mzee Abdul Makasi, speculated on several possible reasons for C’Zars’ departure, including pressure from fame and media attention, broken promises regarding education and music opportunities, and disillusionment with the music industry.

For 18 years, Mzee Makasi tirelessly searched for his son, spending over Sh 1.5 million in his quest to find him. Despite the financial strain, his faith in Allah and the hope of C’Zars’ return remained unwavering.

In anticipation of his son’s eventual return, Mzee Makasi made preparations to welcome him back warmly. He registered his property under C’Zars’ name, collected royalties owed to him, and even purchased a vehicle for his use, intending for his son to start afresh without life worries.

Before his son reappears, Mzee Makasi has a heartfelt message for him, expressing unwavering love and the longing for his safe return. He also appeals to C’Zars’ fans to continue praying for him and makes a plea to President William Ruto to assist in resolving the case.

As C’Zars turned 35 on February 5, 2024, the hope of his reunion with his family and fans remains a poignant yet hopeful chapter in their lives.

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