Femi One is great but we don’t say it enough

Kenyan femcee Wanjiku Kimani, known to you and I as Femi One Shiko, has always been a great artist and I do not know why many people are only starting to see it now after she teamed up with Mejja on Utawezana.

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If you have always been a fan of hers or local music for that matter I m sure you vividly remember how she aced her verse on King Kaka’s Ligi Soo Remix.

She even outdid some of the men who were featured on that song and then she kind of disappeared only to reappear in 2016 and start beefing with the likes of Njeri, Kyki and Noti Flow.

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Femi One

I don’t really know why she has been so inconsistent but the one thing I am sure about is that she’s a dope rapper so much so that she can go up against someone like Khaligraph Jones and put up a good fight.

The truth is that the Kenyan music industry is a tough place, especially if you are a lady and faint-hearted. Some of the things that happen can make you quit without even blinking an eye. It’s just what it is.

So you can understand why an artist who is as great as Femi One has not had a hit in so many years but I’m kind of happy that she has gotten her groove back.

Femi One

She is such a natural. She is one rapper that you’ll hear flowing and you just start smiling because her rhymes and punchlines are so sick but effortless. I don’t know if you know what I mean when I say that.

I hope now that she is back to making hits, she can keep up because people who are huge fans of her music like me had really missed this side of her and we are more than excited that she is back to her former self.

Watch Utawezana below and tell us what you think.

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