Flaqo Explains Why He Would Not Go Public With His Girlfriend

For quite a long time, famous content creator Flaqo Raz has been rumoured to be dating Keranta. He has had to justify himself on several occasions; maintaining that they only have a business relationship.

They have both previously denied ever dating, and refer to each other as just friends, something that fans can’t quite seem to agree with.

Responding to whether he had ever tried shooting his shot or getting out of the friendzone corner with the YouTuber, Flaqo laughed it off adding their relationship is purely platonic.

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” Keranta… by the way people ask me about Keranta… Keranta is a friend and tunafanya…. my manager and Keranta’s manager is the same. Just the same way my manager is Trio Mio’s manager, my manager is Cindy K03’S manager,”Flaqo said.

Rumors of Flaqo and Keranta being too close for friendship surfaced after the duo was constantly spotted together.

Flaqo On Keeping His Relationship Under Wraps

Despite his bubbly character and immense talent, Flaqo is still single. And he’s in no hurry to get cuffed anytime soon. In a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, he divulged that if he ever finds a girlfriend, he prefers to keep her out of the public & social media.

For now, he has maintained he’s still single.


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