Flaqo Opens Up On Being Sick For 2 Months

Kenyan content creator Erastus Otieno, widely known as Flaqo Raz, has revealed the reason behind his recent absence from the online content scene. He shared details of a two-month period during which he battled various health issues.

In a recent interview, Flaqo disclosed experiencing malaria, H.Pylori infection, and spinal cord issues attributed to weightlifting.

Recovery and Positive Outlook

Flaqo assured his audience that he has fully recovered and is planning a return to content creation. He shared his journey through these challenges in a previous video, expressing his faith and thanking his followers for their support.

Significance of Health

Flaqo emphasized the importance of prioritizing good health and expressed his eagerness to resume creating content despite experiencing moments of frustration and helplessness during his recovery process.

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