Following Mulamwah’s son’s birth, Carrol Sonie responds to fans with, “I don’t care.”

Comedian Mulamwah’s ex, Carrol Sonie, recently responded to fans flooding her account following the news of the comedian welcoming a baby with his partner, Ruth K.

Mulamwah and Ruth K announced the birth of their son, Oyando Junior, on Saturday, February 10th, 2024, sharing lovely photos and videos. Netizens congratulated the couple and also informed Carrol about the good news, leading to her response.

Carrol took to her Facebook account to address the influx of messages in her DMs, posting, “Why are y’all flocking my inboxes? 🙄…”

Despite her post, fans continued to share the news about Mulamwah’s son in the comments.

Rotich Benard: “Happiness in Jerusalem. The king has been born.”

Transcriber Lebron Amdii: “Finally am here… the king in Jerusalem, Oyando, the Kamulamwah, has been born 😂😂😂.”

Hon Anjelo Jude Omasaja: “Heal little girl and move on. heal sweetheart, the king has arrived, baby Oyando.”

Carrol, seemingly fed up with the messages, savagely clapped back at the fans, responding in the comments, “Do I look like I care? 😄”

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