Former enemies, Ezekiel Mutua and Eric Omondi attack gospel artists

Image: KFCB Boss, Dr Ezekiel Mutua

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), is not pleased with gospel artists.

Since joining MCSK, he adds that the gospel performers have frustrated him the most.

Mutua went so far as to say that comedian Eric Omondi might have been correct in accusing musicians of being inactive despite having formerly been the face of the Kenyan music scene.

“Since I joined MCSK a year ago, the people who have caused me the most pain and frustrated my efforts to revive the music industry are gospel artists. I think Eric Omondi was right. Something is wrong. We have lots of performers and few real gospel artists. SAD!

It should be remembered that previously, in his rant against gospel artists, Eric Omondi had said,

“Where is Daddy Owen, Jimmy Gait, Mercy Masika, Alice Kamande, Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Bahati? The gospel music industry was the identity of Kenyan music and they have all fallen. The gospel music industry has failed us.”

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