Former Miss Kenya, Emma Defends Nick Odhiambo’s Wife Following Recent Rumours

Emma Too, a former Miss Kenya, has spoken out in defense of her friend Annie Sumbeiywo, who recently married radio presenter Nick Odhiambo. Annie has been the target of online gossip and rumors.

Taking to Twitter, Emma criticized those spreading negativity on the platform. She questioned why people prioritize spreading lies and hurting others for mere “likes.” She encouraged them to use their online presence for positive purposes.

Emma then directly addressed the harassment of Annie. She emphasized Annie’s strength and character, calling her “a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul” and “an accomplished woman in her own right.” Emma denounced the act of dragging Annie’s name through the mud with false information.

Regarding rumors about Nick Odhiambo, Emma urged him to clarify a past circulating message to avoid further confusion.

Emma concluded her message by demanding an apology from the person who initiated the online smear campaign. She vowed to stand by her friend and defend her reputation.

It’s important to note that Nick Odhiambo has already addressed the rumors himself.

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