Four Followers Mackenzie Summoned By DCI After Being Released From Hospital

Four followers of preacher Paul Mackenzie have been released from hospital after being rescued from Shakahola Forest. The four were among seven people who were found in critical condition in the forest. They were found fasting as was advised by Mackenzie and were hopeful of meeting their creator before they were saved from imminent death.

The death toll from the Shakahola horror has reached 240, with more bodies expected to be exhumed from shallow graves in the forest. Another 90 people have so far been rescued.

Malindi Subcounty Hospital administrator Said Ali said the remaining three survivors were stable but still being monitored. He said another survivor was also set for discharge but doctors asked that he be monitored for another two days owing to weather conditions.

“When they came in their condition was worse, they were very weak and emaciated, they could barely talk, but now they can communicate,” Ali told the Star on the phone.

During their initial days in hospitals, the survivors could barely talk for five minutes. All they did was sleep, Ali said.

The survivors are now in the custody of detectives who are investigating the Shakahola horror. Mackenzie is still at large and is being sought by police.

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