Frankie Just Gym reveals he still loves his baby mamas

Frankie JustGymIt, a fitness instructor and father of four, is grateful for his family and is living his dream life. He recently opened a new, fully equipped gym, which he will be showcasing to the public on October 7th.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Frankie expressed his gratitude for his family, saying that they are the key to his happiness. He also talked about this new phase in his life and how he deals with challenges.

“People will try to hit you, people will try to bring you down,” he says. “That’s ok, that’s natural. But how do you get back up? Are you gonna lay down and become a sissy about it or are you gonna get your a** back up?”

Frankie’s amazing transformation has impressed his online followers, who have shown their support for his new gym venture.

@trackandfieldbychicco…Family Is Key……Good Stuff Frankie Keep Grinding

@collinsmaina7037…Many thanks to you Frankie, for the motivation boost.

@bernicerogo9190..You are making great progress with your new studio👏

@jacklinekendikinoti…This is an awesome move.keep up the good work and success in the new space

@harrietajema9627…Am happy for you Frankie, a true definitition of goals and growth

@harrietbosibori…Congratulations Frankie,must feel awesome to have your dreams to come true

@liliankwamboka3173…You deserve this. Well done Frankie 👏👏👏👏You are a hard worker

@njkimbo219…Congratulations bro ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I would love to visit and work out one of these daysWell done

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