Georgina Njenga Says She Prefers To Date Men Who Earn More Than KSh 100,000

22-year-old YouTuber and ex-lover of Baha, Georgina Njenga, has indirectly said that she cannot date a broke man.

In a recent interview with content creator Flossyrtukid, Njenga was asked how much she would expect her man to earn if she was earning KSh 2,000. She responded by saying that he should be earning KSh 100,000 and above.

Njenga also revealed that she once spent KSh 50,000 on a wig. When asked if the money she used was hers, she laughed off and did not give an answer.

When asked about her celebrity male crush in Kenya, Njenga said that she likes Tukid and Eddie Butita.

Njenga’s comments have sparked a debate online, with some people criticizing her for being materialistic, while others have defended her right to have preferences in her dating life.

It is important to note that everyone has different preferences when it comes to dating. Some people may prefer to date someone who is financially well-off, while others may place more importance on other factors such as personality, values, and compatibility.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is important to them in a relationship.

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