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This is the German Machine Citizen TV’s Talia Oyando cruises around in(photo)

March 29, 2017 at 14:31
Talia Oyando

Who would have thought dancing alongside teenagers for a whole two hours every week on some reggae tunes paid so well?

Well, it does and Talia Oyando is a true testament.

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The TV presenter/radio presenter is obviously doing good, busy cruising around in a BMW while sipping on some madafu to beat off the recently witnessed the Nairobi heat.

How do we know? Because she made the announcement by giving us hints just like most celebrities in Kenya.

On instagram that is with this post:

It’s too damn hot… Plus work out was a problem

A post shared by Tallia Oyando ?? (@talliaoyando) on

We are yet to establish which make of the BMW though.


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