Getcho azz back to comedy -Bien tells Eric Omondi

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Bien-Aime Baraza, a member of the Sauti Sol band, has advised Eric Omondi to return to comedy. He believes that Omondi has been feuding with Kenyan musicians for too long and that it is time for him to return to his roots.

Baraza made this statement during an interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, who brought up the fact that Omondi has shifted his focus away from comedy and is now involved in activism and charity work.

Omondi is planning to raise 50 million Kenyan shillings by going live on Instagram for four days to help the needy.

Baraza stated that people miss “Eric Omondi the comedian and how he used to make them laugh.” He went on to say that he would advise Omondi to “stick to comedy” because “the grace that put him there is the grace that will keep him there.” He also mentioned that people have been criticizing Omondi’s comedy material, claiming that he has been repeating the same jokes over and over again.

When asked about his opinion on Omondi’s career, Baraza said that he had not seen the comedian perform a proper comedy show in a long time. He went on to say that Omondi has been discriminating against Kenyan musicians while pretending to be helping them.

Baraza also revealed that he was the one who allowed Omondi to attend Harmonize’s concert, even though he had previously banned him. He explained that Harmonize had threatened not to perform if Omondi was allowed to the concert. Omondi was allowed to attend on the condition that he behaved.

When asked if he would allow Omondi to attend the upcoming Soul Festival, Baraza said that he would be allowed to attend if he bought a ticket like any other fan.

Baraza also praised Omondi for his online fundraisers to help the needy, but he cautioned him to be careful when handling public money.

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