“Getting out of the comfort zone” Bahati promises to run for presidency in 2037

Singer Bahati may have lost the Mathare MP seat during the August General elections but this does not mean he is planning on exiting his political career – now that he knows how it works. You just need support from the top and youre in….you all saw how it went, right?

Anyway having lost the Mathare seat, Bahati now says his intentions are to run for the presidentiam office come 2037. By then he believes he would have made changes on himself ie by getting out of the comfort zone and being the best he can.

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Speaking during recent interview now that he is back on social media like he never left, Bahati told blogs;

I want you to save this date, Bahati Kevin Kioko will be the president of this country in 2037. It is about my dream, I want to inspire young people and show them the way that indeed it can be done. I believe in empowerment and getting out of the comfort zone.

Bahati’s political journey

Well, having established himself in the music industry – Bahati is not new to many as he is known for his old gospel music…something that is helping with his new embarked political journey.

Bahati politics

I mean, he is known to many and the fact that he is also a believer – earns him alot of support from those who share the same beliefs not forgetting that Kenya is a christian nation.

But then again….politics is full of surprises, you never know!

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