Gloria Kyallo celebrates her boyfriend’s birthday

Gloria Kyallo is commemorating the birthday of her partner.


According to the reality TV star, Ken is both her lover and her brother.

“Hey Bro!Happy happy birthday.

I know that already calling you bro is raising an alarm but lets unpack that…Ken, you are the most brilliant, most kind, most compassionate and fun person I have ever met.With you, I feel seen, I feel heard and I feel so loved with you more than I’ve ever felt with anyone.”

They are the only ones who comprehend their relationship as lovers, friends, and brothers, she continued.

“No one could ever understand our beautiful dynamic, how we’re best friends, bros and lovers but its so clear in our little bubble😊.Happy birthday honey.Here’s to living the best of our lives together.Here’s to you Ken Warui🥂A solid 10/10You’re destined for greatness.I love you!

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