Guardian Angel’s wife celebrates love and life as she turns 53

Image: Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

While for some people life begins at 40, Esther Musila believed that the magic number was 50. She met gospel performer Guardian Angel at this time, and three years later, they are still in love.

This week, Musila turned 53, and her husband Guardian called their relationship the best thing he had ever experienced.

Guardian Angel’s wife wrote:

“Can’t believe it has been 3 years already. It has been the best part of my life. Loving on you is the sweetest experience ever. YOU ROCK MY WORLD QUEEN blessings on your birthday @esther.musila you are my everything.

My life began when I met you my love, it has been 3 years of bliss and I thank you for coming. You brought a whole new meaning to my existence. I love you my King.”

In their marriage, the couple has insisted that having children is not their top desire. In a previous interview, the couple stated that their current priority is to love one another.

“Children are a blessing from God. A child is a bonus…if we get one it’s fine, if not we will still love each other. “Assuming I married a younger lady and because of one reason or another she failed to conceive, would it be fair to walk away? Should she also walk away if I cannot sire children?” asked Guardian.

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