Habida tells Kenyan women to stop lying about not needing a man

The idea that “independent women” don’t need males since they can support themselves is one that continues to evoke conflicting opinions.

Legendary chanteuse Habida Moloney, however, disagrees with this story.

“No, I disagree with that. We definitely need a man. You need a man to go through life with that’s how we were created.

All these women saying they don’t need men are liars. You can have the money but it won’t keep you warm at night,”

Although partnerships have recently gotten more materialistic, Habida, who first gained attention in 2009 with the popular song Sunshine featuring Nameless, added that a woman’s yearning for a man will never go away.

“We (women) definitely need men, good men. We are not looking for money but for companionship, love and happiness. However, let’s not forget men are meant to provide,”

The mother of two, 41, has been married for more than 20 years. After living in the UK and the US where she had gone to study music, Habida met her husband when she returned to Kenya.

“I met my husband when he was quite broke. He had a car that broke down every time. At the time, I was from the US, I had bought two homes in the US. I had a good life but he is someone I thought I could do life with. I’m not a money person but since we met we grew together,”

Habida acknowledges that getting married has been a life-changing experience, but it has also slowed down her singing career.

“I don’t regret being married but it has slowed down my music career because obviously there are kids involved, there is a husband and life to live,”

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