Harmonize Praises Diamond After He Bagged Prestigious Awards In US

Tanzanian musician Harmonize has returned to his homeland after a successful trip to the United States, where he attended and emerged victorious at the AEUSA 2023 awards. The artist made history by sweeping three awards, a feat he considers an honor for his nation.

In a press interview upon his arrival at the airport, Harmonize expressed his pride in representing Tanzania on the global stage. “My awards are an honor for the nation because, through my victory, the nation is respected,” he declared.

Harmonize also took the opportunity to address his former mentor, Diamond Platnumz, acknowledging his recognition and congratulations. He commended Diamond’s act of self-awareness, stating that those who disregard the significance of such awards lack self-understanding.

“What I can say is that I am proud of his presence [Diamond],” Harmonize remarked. “That is a sign of self-awareness. If you see someone talking like that, then you know that he knows himself, so I am proud of him. And I thank him very much.”

Diamond, considered Harmonize’s mentor, played a pivotal role in the artist’s rise to stardom. He initially discovered Harmonize in 2014 and later signed him to his WCB record label. However, their relationship deteriorated in 2019, leading to a contentious termination of their contract and lingering animosity that persists to this day.

Despite the past conflicts, Harmonize’s recent success at the AEUSA 2023 awards and Diamond’s gracious acknowledgment of his achievements mark a positive step towards reconciliation. Their respective statements demonstrate a level of maturity and self-awareness that bodes well for their future relationship.

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