Harmonize publicly announce reunion with Jacqueline Wolper

Harmonize and Jacqueline Wolper are back together after close to two years apart, the two dated sometimes in 2016 before they broke up in the beginning of 2017.

Wolper dumped Harmonize after he cheated on her with Italian beauty Sarah Michelotti. Harmonize and Sarah got in a relationship after Wolper dumped him.

Now Harmonize and Wolper have gotten back together. The two reignited their love when they met at the inaugural Wasafi Festival in Mtwara on November 23rd, they hugged passionately in public for close to a minute.


Sarah rushed to social media to assert that she was still together with Harmonize following the public display of affection in Mtwara.

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We’re back together

Harmonize himself has since announced that he has reunited with Wolper after they were once again spotted together at Wasafi Festival in Iringa on November 3oth 2018.

The ‘Kwangwaru’ hit maker set the record straight while speaking during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda at Samora stadium in Iringa at the sideline of Wasafi Festival.

“Naomba niseme wazi hapa hadharani kuwa nimerudi kwa Wolper wangu,” said Harmonize.



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