Harmonize Throws Shade at Diamond Platnumz After Hat Theft

Bongo star Harmonize, known for his rivalry with Diamond Platnumz, seemingly took a dig at his former boss during a recent event in Kahama, Tanzania. The incident occurred after a fan stole Diamond’s hat in Dodoma days prior, sparking a viral frenzy.

In a subtle jab, Harmonize interacted with fans while keeping his own hat firmly on his head. He remarked, “Nobody can steal your hat when they really love you,” implying that he enjoys more fan love than Diamond.

Diamond’s stolen hat, valued at Sh6298.56 (Euro 37.95), was snatched during a crowd interaction. Footage showed Diamond’s displeasure and his request to his bodyguards to retrieve it. A man later claimed to have found the thief and returned the hat.

In response, Diamond distributed hats to fans at a concert, stating, “They were surprised I followed up on the cap. When someone steals from you, it shows disrespect. Ask me, and I will give you.” He also acknowledged the need for enhanced security, adding, “My bodyguards were not there, so now I have to walk with security.”

This incident marks the second public theft Diamond has experienced. In 2022, valuable jewelry was stolen from him during a stage entrance in DR Congo.

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