“He asked for a DNA test” Jemutai reveals after exposing Prof Hamo as a deadbeat dad

Jemutai must be having a hard time dealing with her baby daddy, Prof Hamo who she claims is a dead beat dad; and what’s even worse is that he recently asked for a DNA test to confirm that the children he is said to have sired with the lady is actually his. Wow.

This comes shortly after the two went on to air their diary laundry in public; giving ruthless fans a reason to dig into their private life.

But hey, it happens especially in bitter breakups; but like Churchill said – and the end of the day the kids have to win!

Hamo orders for kids DNA test

Well, thanks to Edgar Obare we understand that Hamo and his ex, Jemutai were able to sit down and have a conversation like two reasoning adults; for the sake of the young boy and baby girl involved.


As much as we would want to stay away from this family drama; it keeps pulling us back with the small small details shared by both parties.

Just a few days after the two decided to resolve this matter in private; Jemutai goes ahead and reveals that Hamo is now asking for DNA test something that has left most fans pissed off; and others asking questions.

Hamo drama

So does this mean that the guy feels that the two kids are not his?

But wait, the forehead area? Ama watu hufanana?

Prof Hamo
Jemutai son
Jemutai’s adorable daughter



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