He has too many jobs! Chipukeezy like Akothee also hospitalized due to fatigue

Comedian Chipukeezy becomes the second entertainer to be forced into a bed rest after suffering from fatigue.

The comedian, who is also Nacada board member, apologized on social media to his fans for missing his show on Ebru TV saying that he had burned out. He later posted a photo in a hospital bed recuperating.

“I hate hospital.” he said. “The doctors have said I need to sleep because I have fatigue,” he told The star.

Too much

Akothee has been in hospital almost 4 times this year alone because of burning out. Betty was also in hospital sometime ago because of the same.

Chipukeezy said that he had to take the rest because he was very weak from overworking himself.

“I felt so weak and was rushed to hospital for checkup. I think for a while I have been overworking myself without having enough sleep. But I am now getting better and already discharged.” he said. 



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