How a wanted American murder suspect left a police station while under arrest

Police have initiated a manhunt for a suspect awaiting extradition to the US on first-degree murder charges after he escaped from police custody under questionable circumstances. Kevin Kangethe Kinyanjui, 40, who was arrested in Nairobi’s Westlands area last week, escaped while meeting his lawyer at Muthaiga police station on February 7.

According to police, John Maina Ndegwa, who identified himself as the suspect’s lawyer, requested a private meeting and was granted permission. However, the suspect escaped, leaving the lawyer behind. The escapee reportedly jumped onto a matatu (public minibus) and fled to an unknown destination.

Police officers and the lawyer who were on duty during the escape have been detained and will be questioned to explain the incident. The suspect had been held pending a ruling on his extradition to the US, where he faces charges related to the murder of Margaret ‘Maggie’ Mbitu in Massachusetts in October 2023.

The US embassy in Kenya had confirmed the arrest of the fugitive, commending Kenyan law enforcement for their efforts. Kangethe appeared in court on February 1 and was being held in custody for 30 days as extradition proceedings were being prepared. He is accused of murdering Maggie, and US authorities had issued an Interpol Red Notice for his arrest. The victim’s mother revealed that Maggie had intended to end her relationship with the suspect.

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