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How Diamond Platnumz owns the minds and souls of all his women

April 27, 2020 at 09:31
How Diamond Platnumz owns the minds and souls of all his women

Most of you know about Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna splitting up but what you do not know is she has retained aspects of the Islamic faith she had converted to while she was involved with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz shares his COVID-19 results on social media

Diamond Platnumz is probably the greatest African musician of all time

And that led me to have a rather interesting conversation on why it is Diamond has managed to sear his brand into the psyché of all the women he has dealt with. With Wema Sepetu, she couldn’t get enough of Diamond and to this day, admits that he holds a special place in her heart.
Zari went cuckoo for cocoa puffs when she dumped Diamond. Hamisa Mobetto struggled to move on when Diamond was done with her too to the extent of releasing a song about her experience with the Naseeb/ Chibudee family.

diamond and tanasha

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Why is it these women who are arguably smart and beautiful caught up on Diamond who many women describe as being south of handsome due to his lips?

It is because Diamond has refined the skill of owning a woman’s heart and mind. When Diamond gets involved with a lass, you can be sure she will lose her heart and mind to the Tanzanian superstar crooner. So what are some of the tricks and tactics Diamond Platnumz uses? How does he get a grip on his women to the point they cannot even fathom life without him even with his track record of leaving broken hearts and babies in his wake?

Mama Diamond Platnumz flaunts Tanasha’s car after repossessing it!

Diamond genuinely doesn’t care about these women. And he communicates as much through his actions. The guy is quick to replace and move on from his women and as a result, they live in constant fear of being dropped for a perceived slight. So they completely through themselves into pleasing him. After all, in any relationship, those that care the least and have the least to lose are in the position of power.

Diamond Platnumz is one of the greatest musicians of all time

Diamond gives his women an emotional roller coaster. He has mastered the art of being the most explosive romantic complete with huge gestures and declarations of love. When Diamond is wooing a woman, he goes all out and makes her his world. He pursues her with the oneness of body mind and soul. And when he is done or things get rocky, he takes women to the very depths of depravity with just how callous he can get with his disinterest. And this gives his women mental anguish like no other because they know he can be caring. They know he can be romantic. Yet here they are faced with an apathetic man who simply breaks up with you via text asking you to leave what you believed to be your shared house.

¨Teach yourself to accept who you are¨ Diamond Platnumz pens

Chibu Dee is a sensual man. In interviews he has given, he has admitted to being a rather sensual man. He is all in for everything coital. And his women and clandes have affirmed that assertion. Diamond is also great at it because of all the practice he gets. Practice makes perfect after all.
And for a lot of these women, they have never experienced anyone quite like Diamond so they are smitten at first um… Interaction.

diamond and hamisa mobetto

Chibu Dangote is the highest value of man these women can aspire to date. Who can Zari possibly date who is not only at the zenith of fame in the entire continent but also is still ascending and breaking the ceiling? Only a handful of men meet that criteria and her 18-year-old toyboy isn’t cutting it. What about Hamisa and her fake engagement scams? Who will she get whom she can flaunt and be the complete envy of her friends?
As for Tanasha, every man she dates here on out will pale in comparison to Diamond Platnumz.

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