“How I wish I could have had Kamene Goro before somebody else snatched her” Andrew Kibe painfully regrets

KISS 100’s new duo, Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro have a long history together, with days when Kibe would crush on Kamene.

Kibe opens up:

Msichana wamwona hapa ni mrembo kweli. Lakini amenipenda miaka mingi. Ni vile sikupata wakati vizuri. Mtu mwingine akaja akacross na yeye before nicross na yeye like 3 years ago. [This beautiful girl here used to love me for a long time. How I wish I could have had time for her before somebody else snatched her.]


While Kamene confirmed the claims, recalling days when she could tell that Kibe had ‘a thing’ for her.

Kibe alikua ananipigia by the way for 45 minutes.

However, seems time has past and things have changed because for Kibe, ‘dating’ is no longer his thing. Actually, he’s ‘too grown’ for it.

Dating is for children I am too grown for dating. I have 3 children the ones you know. The day I’ll die and you will see others they’ll be mine too.


But Kamene is asking guys to throw in their baits because she could easily land for one.

I am single for now but anybody can shoot their shot.


Despite it all, the two have no regrets pairing up for shows that they remain glad to have been part of. For Kamene, working with Kibe has been her best experience so far.

Hadithi za Kibe, oh my God. Aah kwanza aingie asubuhi akiwa juu ya ma tings.

Their early morning show on Kiss,kicks off from 6 AM to 10 AM daily.


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