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How Jalang’o’s lowest moment in life shaped his career for good (Video)

November 25, 2020 at 13:42
How Jalang’o’s lowest moment in life shaped his career for good (Video)

It is the past that builds your today and every phase of the journey has its purpose. Some meant to tie up the loose ends, others to twist you in the right direction while some were there to toughen the person you are today.

Everybody has a story to tell, uniquely in their own way and when the right time comes.

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Siaya-born media personality and MC, Jalang’o is today one of the highly sought-after Kenyan personalities in the industry but he did not grow up with a silver spoon.

Taking us back to his childhood days, moving from one primary school to another, in a bid to find what best suited his dads financial abilities.

Comedian Jalang’o

In a video that premiered barely hours ago, the Kiss 100 presenter takes fans through his primary school compound, with tales of how he missed his dream high school because of finances, but that did not stop him.

Matter of fact, he takes pride in his primary school.

At his lowest

Away from that, during his recent interview on Chatspot, he recalls how he left his home county as a fisherman to come to Nairobi, while eyeing the Kenya National Theatre that almost took him years to gain recognition.


But when the day came, he bitterly questioned God. Because it so happened that the main actors had gone on a drinking spree the previous night and didnt show up the next day.

So Jalang’o was asked to showcase his potential but the role he was taking was a sad one.

“I had auditioned numerous times but the day I first went on stage in the Theatre, I cried and asked God, “did this really have to happen for me to showcase to these people what I have?” It was a low moment between me and God but I aced it,” he expresses.

Radio presenter Jalang’o

Unfortunately, the very same day his star began to shine, was the day darkness engulfed their family.

“The first time that I ever got my job, when Caroline Mutoko, my mentor, called me and told me I’ve been employed, my mum also called and told me dad has died,” he opens up.

It was a mix of highs and lows during the interview, just listen;


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