How Mungai Eve was motivated by Trevor to create content

Image: Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

News surrounding the breakup of digital content creator Mungai Eve and her former boyfriend Director Trevor is currently the talk of the local entertainment scene. However, their compelling humble beginnings in content creation, a skill that propelled them to fame in a classic rags-to-riches fashion, are not widely known, at least from Eve’s perspective.

In a July 2022 interview on their now-defunct Mungai Eve YouTube channel, where fellow content creator Celestine Ndinda, also known as ‘Wakavinye,’ played host, Eve recounted the story of how she met Trevor and got inspired to create content.

The journey commenced in September 2019 when Eve, then 20 years old, traveled to Nairobi to attend college in Juja for a journalism course. Director Trevor, a fourth-year student at JKUAT at the time, was instrumental in their connection.

Eve, born and raised in Murang’a, described herself as ambitious and revealed that it was her first time in Nairobi. She had initially come to school, but life took a turn. After studying only the first semester, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, disrupting learning. She returned to Murang’a while Trevor, whom she had met in early 2019 during a photoshoot, went to Kisii.

After a six-month stint at home, Eve returned to Nairobi in September 2020 upon Trevor’s invitation. Trevor, who had secured a job at the national broadcaster, thought it wise for her to join him in the city to figure things out together.

Eve, with a touch of deception, informed her mother that they had been recalled to school. She decided not to return home, expressing her struggles with overthinking and the difficulty of staying idle at home. Trevor, the only person she knew would accommodate her, became her refuge. At the time, they were both in relationships with their high school partners, but it wasn’t making sense.

Eve shared that her father wanted her to pursue teaching, but her heart was in media. Trevor, with his knowledge of media-related aspects, became her guide. They started as good friends, and as both of their relationships became shaky, they found solace in each other.

Trevor noticed Eve’s potential and suggested that she could do something meaningful. Initially hesitant, Eve eventually embraced the idea of opening a YouTube channel, guided by Trevor’s expertise. Despite being camera-shy initially, their first video, covering the Gengetone Festival, marked the beginning of their content creation journey. The video’s success prompted them to ride on the hype surrounding the rap group Mbogi Genje, leading to interviews and content that catapulted them to stardom.

The channel’s name, Mungai Eve, was coined by Trevor, who insisted on it despite Eve’s initial reservations. The rest became history, and by the time of the rebrand, the channel had amassed over 750,000 subscribers.

Following their split, Trevor rebranded the channel to Kenya Online Media and introduced Rael Wangare as Eve’s replacement on Wednesday.

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