How Ringtone bought his multi-million mansion in Runda through President Uhuru Kenyatta (Video)

We all know controversial gospel artist, Ringtone for how much he showers himself with praises and sometimes when you think about it, you just can see zero evidence.

The Kenyan artist has time and again bragged about being the most handsome gospel male artist in East Africa.

During his interview with media personality, Jalang´o, Ringtone declared himself the Official Chairman of the Gospel industry in East and Central Africa.

The headquarter is in Runda, at my house. Headquarter haiwezi kuwa kama Banana kwa Bahati huko ndani. Mungu ako na sababu. Immediately I was born, I was ordained like Moses to be able to fight for gospel music in East and Central Africa.

Kenyan artist, Ringtone Apoko

Ringtone went ahead to reveal he started accumulating his wealth after realizing that his major fanbase was higschool students.

I started making money by visiting several high schools and selling my VCDs and T-shirts at a cheap price but to many people. I would leave one school with at least KSh 70-100 million. This made me a lot of money back then and that is how I bought my first Nissan Patrol.

Hall of fame

The Zoea Mawe singer further disclosed that his performance at President Uhuru Kenyatta´s political campaigns is what got him his house in Runda among his other flashy possessions.

Flashy gospel singer, Ringtone Apoko

Recalling how it all started, Mr Apoko´s Talanta song is what gained him recognition from Uhuru Kenyatta through Eugene Wamalwa.

I used to live in Westlands, in an apartment for KSh 65,000 monthly. That was in 2012. Then one day, Eugene Wamalwa called me for his Homecoming event in Kitale. The guest of honor was Uhuru Kenyatta, at the time as Minister for Finance and he was Eugene´s close buddy. They both stood up and started dancing to my song, on stage at the stadium. We later went to Eugene´s house to have lunch and Uhuru approached me and told me he was impressed with my performance and even asked me to send the song to his phone. We did the transfer on Bluetooth right there. I got paid KSh 200,000 for the event and I left.

Living large

Ringtone did not realize the mark he left behind had made such a huge impact not just to the audience at the event but to the political figures in attendance.

3 months later, the night before Uhuru launched his TNA party, he called me at 1am – I will never forget that day – my phone was constantly ringing and I ignored 5 times. When I saw Eugene calling, I picked and he told me ´Boss´ wants to speak to me and Uhuru told me he needed me to perform at his event. I asked the event organizer for KSh 250,000 and the deal was done. Unfortunately I was never paid.


Luck did not stand on his way this time until his hard work started paying back, manifold.

Eugene Wamalwa proposed to Ringtone to find something that is not in the market yet and probably Uhuru would consider.

The artist started with the idea of roadshows, pinning Uhuru´s image on the road trucks and that is how the now commander-in-chief took note of him.

Alex Apoko better known as, Ringtone

Just like that, the gospel artist became a millionaire, bagging himself a house in Runda and living a high-end lifestyle since then.

Eugene told me to forget that and approach Uhuru with a new idea instead. Uhuru started giving me KSh 1 million everyday for over 120 something days for me to find a roadshow truck, to brand it and find its dancers. I made a lot of money by saving at least KSh 600,000 a day and that´s how I bought by house in Runda courtesy of pesa ya TNA ya Uhuru Kenyatta.

Now you know.


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