Huddah disowns her support for Ruto

Kenyan social media influencer Huddah Monroe has publicly denounced President William Ruto, reversing her long-standing support for him.

In a series of Instagram stories, Monroe accused Ruto of being the worst president Kenya has ever had and expressed grave concerns about the country’s economic state under his leadership.

Her comments come as Kenya grapples with rising fuel costs and essential food items.

Monroe’s shift in stance is particularly noteworthy given her previous fervent support for Ruto. In 2017, she had expressed her belief that he would make a commendable president, even suggesting that a dictatorship might be best at times.

In 2022, Monroe was at the forefront of congratulating Ruto for his triumphant win in the presidential race. She expressed her pride in being Kenyan and celebrated the dawn of what she believed was a new era for Africa.

However, Monroe’s recent comments suggest that she has become disillusioned with Ruto’s performance in office.

She now believes that he is leading Kenya backwards and that the worst is yet to come.

It remains to be seen how Ruto will respond to Monroe’s criticism. However, her comments are likely to resonate with many Kenyans who are struggling to cope with the country’s economic woes.

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