Huddah Monroe Advices Parents To Be On The Look-Out For Their Kids

Kenyan socialite and beauty mogul Huddah Monroe is sparking conversations about responsibility and parental commitment with her recent Instagram message. While she may not be on the baby train yet, Huddah’s message resonates with the importance of prioritizing children’s well-being above all else.

In a series of stories, Huddah stresses the vulnerability of young children and the consequences of parental absence. She emphasizes that until a child is equipped to navigate the world on their own, they require their parents’ full and unwavering support.

Huddah warns against letting the “fast-paced and ruthless world” exploit children vulnerable due to neglect. “Having kids isn’t just about providing necessities,” she asserts. “It’s about being present, being a protector, and nurturing their growth every step of the way. Until they can stand on their own, they need you in their corner, guiding and watching over them like a lioness.”

This powerful message comes from a woman who has openly chosen to delay motherhood until she feels fully prepared. In July 2023, despite expressing a longing for children, Huddah declared she wouldn’t settle for anything less than complete dedication.

Huddah’s words may be blunt, but they carry a crucial truth: a child deserves more than half measures and fleeting moments of attention. The decision to become a parent should be carefully considered, prioritizing the child’s well-being and growth above all else.

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