Huddah Monroe Flaunts Money She Received From Generous Boyfriend

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is basking in the glow of financial blessings, attributing her newfound wealth to her magnetic attraction to money. In a series of Instagram Stories, Huddah flaunted her impressive M-Pesa balance and credited her ability to effortlessly attract money, even when she’s simply expressing frustration.

“Money comes to me easily, money loves me, money adores me,” Huddah asserted in her posts. “When I rant, people wanna send me money, thinking I’m broke. Nah, money follows me wherever I go.”

To further illustrate her point, Huddah shared a screenshot of her M-Pesa balance, revealing a staggering amount of Ksh341,513. She credited her generous boyfriend for sending her the funds to ease her stress.

“My man is a king,” Huddah captioned the screenshot. “He said, ‘Go have tea, stop stressing.'”

Huddah’s newfound financial abundance comes on the heels of her recent revelation about a captivating Iranian man who had captured her heart. In a November 2023 Instagram post, she expressed her surprise at being smitten by a Persian man.

“Never have I ever thought a Persian man would take my heart & run off with it 😌….. 🙈,” Huddah wrote.

However, it later emerged that Huddah’s romantic entanglement with the Persian man was merely an advertisement. Despite this revelation, Huddah’s ability to attract financial prosperity remains a source of fascination for her fans and followers.

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