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Huddah Monroe Indirectly Attacks Vera Sidika For ‘Overworking’ Her 3 Months Old Daughter (Screenshot)

January 25, 2022 at 11:03
Huddah Monroe Indirectly Attacks Vera Sidika For 'Overworking' Her 3 Months Old Daughter (Screenshot)

We all understand the fact that Vera successfully gave birth to baby Asia and she’s excited being a first time mum. After displaying baby Asia’s face for the first time a month ago, Vera can’t keep her daughter off social media. This was her promise even before she gave birth. On several occasions she would brag about how she was ready to show off her daughter to the public. This was partly because she was vindictive to haters who claimed her pregnancy was fake.

Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo and baby Asia- Instagram (Courtesy)

Vera Can’t Keep Off Baby Asia

The flamboyant retired socialite even claims that she feels lonely whenever baby Asia sleeps and can’t comfortable go a second without Asia by her side.

Huddah Reacts

It’s because of the latter that Huddah Monroe feels the baby should be given a break; even from social media. She shared her sentiments on her Instagram stories as she compared 70’s, 80’s & 90’s babies with the 2000’s.

”These social media babies be working harder than me an adult. No chance to be a child at all! You must do tiktok @ 1 month… give me a break! I need some privacy to grow up”

”Some kids look tired out here on SM and they are barely 5 不不不. They’ve been overworked! They are exhausted! And the hustle hasn’t even began. I am glad I wasn’t born in pandemic times coz I can’t imagine my mom tiring me out @ 2.

That’s why people born in the 70’s & 80’s, early 90’s look a lot younger than 2000’s babies.”

Do you agree with Huddah Monroe on this?


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