Huddah now eyeing her ex sugar daddies young sons, says she’s done dating older men

Socialite Huddah…scratch that I meant former  socialite Huddah Njoroge is done and dusted about her affairs with older men. The beauty mogul revealed this recently in a post where she said I’m done with their raggedy a$$ now that she finds their sons more attractive.

I mean, who ever thought this day would come? Like Huddah dumping her rich old men to be with their younger sons? Does this mean she’s made enough money to stunt on her former lovers or is that she knows in future the young men will have good inheritance? Honestly….don’t know and – I’m not bothered.

Anyway speaking about her new interest in younger men, Huddah shared a post saying;

You thought they won’t grow up? I’m in the club with the M*fakaaass right now all asking for pu$$y????????????????????????


Some dads must be so ashamed that their sons are boyfriends and their daughter daughters baby moms to some boys they took their gal friends from.

Karma at it’s best

With all the experience she has had with older men since late 2000’s I’m pretty sure Huddah knows what she is talking about. If I’m not wrong, chances are that one or her younger boyfriends suffered this ugly fate at some point in life; when she (Huddah) dumped him for an older babu bae.

But that was then. All Huddah wants now is the younger version of what she used to date back when hustling for good money. To our surprise she’s actually not ashamed of it, that is after she wrote;

I can’t believe some of my sugar daddy sons are sooooo fucking fine. I didn’t even know how he had a son????????????.


I don’t want his raggedy @ss no more. I want the whole family at this point.


Not sure why the change of heart (maybe because she’s wealthy) but from where I’m standing it looks like payback.

Imagine…imagine everything she went through with the older men…disrespect, sometimes violence – maybe physical or mental abuse and being degraded as a human. I too would want to hit back….

Anyway to the sugar daddies who did her wrong back then – Huddah had this to say now that she’s done with that chapter of her life.

Heaven & hell is on Earth! Do what you’d like your kids & family going through 10 years from now.

And yea…it’s clearly payback!

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