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Huddah Should Shoot Her Shot At Mulamwah

December 15, 2022 at 16:35
Huddah Should Shoot Her Shot At Mulamwah

Huddah Monroe recently gushed over Mulamwah claiming that he’s more handsome in person. The flamboyant socialite has been keeping her relationships under wraps for the longest time. But we’re well aware that she had a crush on legendary musician Nyashinski before he got married to Bett.

Huddah’s Polyamorous Relationship


Huddah is one of the socialites who are never afraid to express themselves with literally anything. Like many other female celebrities, Huddah doesn’t fancy relationships as such. Instead, she decides to keep the information on who she’s dating surreptitious.

She is currently in a polyamorous relationship with her boyfriend whose identity she is protecting. According to Huddah, women would start flocking her man’s DM after they fathom his identity. She added that she doesn’t like men who are always on social media.

””Men who chase fame are unattractive. I like my man low-key and out of social media. Only Snapchat and only me and his friends in there. Not on IG showing off. My boyfriend’s IG has 0 posts, and five followings,” she wrote.

The only time we were suspicious is when she was intimate with Tanzanian musical star Juma Jux. The two were obviously enamored of each other; spending quality time together. In the grand scheme of things, Huddah and Jux were just chasing clout and promoting their brand.

It’s high time Huddah accepts that she’s single and lonely. She should shoot her shot at Mulamwah after she recently divulged he’s handsome. They can make a good couple.


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